Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thyroid Scar After Right Thyroid Lobectomy

Day 1 - Post Right Thyroid Lobectomy

I had surgery on September 1. I was told not to eat anything after 12 midnight prior to surgery. At 4 am, I was already awake and my husband was ready to bring me to the hospital. Once we arrived, I signed up then waited til I was asked to check in the recovery room. I changed to hospital clothes and rested on my bed. By 9 am I had an IV on my left hand. I fell asleep a bit. Then woke up an hour later & called my husband's celphone. It turns out my surgery would be in the afternoon. It would be a 5 hour surgery I was told. While waiting, the nurses kept checking my vitals. Then later, my surgeon came and explained to me what would be done. It would be a right lobectomy with frozen section and would end up a total thyroidectomy if it was cancer. I gave it a go.

Then the anesthesiologists came and asked me a couple of questions about my medical history. After a while, I was good to go. I remember being wheeled out the recovery room but before even arriving at the OR, i blacked out. I was given general anesthesia. When I woke up, surgery was over. I never felt nor remembered a thing! I woke up in the same bed that I stayed when I arrived early morning. I was told I only had a right thyroid lobectomy. A week after my surgery, I'll meet my doctor again to discuss results of the pathology test if the cyst was cancerous. Then I'd have to go back to surgery 3 weeks after for a completion thyroidectomy. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

I was sent home around 7 pm that same day of surgery; which is fine because I can rest better here at home. I only took Tylenol #3 every 8 hours. But on the second day post-surgery, I took it only twice. Then on the 3rd day, I didn't take painkillers anymore. I'm really not used to taking pain pills. I'd rather sleep it over. So far, today is day 4 after my right thyroid lobectomy and I'm up and about, except I can't sleep sideways yet because I feel some sort of pain on neck. I can swallow alright. I can breath through my right nose too; unlike before when I can only breath through my left nose. Day one post surgery I had massive sorethroat due to the breathing tube shoved down my throat. Now it's tolerable. I took Vitamin C tablets and multivitmains and it helped me recover faster. I also had no diet restrictions so on my first day with a massive sorethroat, Jello was a staple. And some soups. Iced water was my bestfriend!

I had a 3 x 4 cm cyst on my right thyroid. I was discharged without any medication so I'm hoping all's well. Before, 8 years ago, the biopsy was just follicular adenoma. This year, the biopsy was follicular neoplasm, which is just a fancy way of saying a cyst; a cyst that could either be malignant or benign. The reason I had it removed is because I'm having trouble breathing and swallowing and there's some tightness and pulling sensation on my neck. So I'm takin it slow now, just doing my best to recover as quickly as possible because I wanna carry my toddlers once again. I miss them so much. I'm not allowed to lift heavy weights for 2 weeks. It's been only 3 days past surgery so I really should take precautions.

Of course, my recovery won't be possible if not for the kindness and patience of my loving husband who was there for me every step of the way. He's the one taking care of the kids now and cooking for all of us while I rejuvenate and recharge. I'm hoping I'm strong enough before Halloween & Thanksgiving so I can go with the kids trick-or-treating.



A week after my right thyroid lobectomy, I'm having a hard time moving my neck up & down but no problems looking from left to right. I feel like my skin is being stretched too much when I look further up that I am doing mild stretching from time to time but I'm afraid my incision might open. So I'll continue mild stretching because my surgeon said I am alright. The diagnosis was follicular adenoma with non-cancerous Hurthle cells or something like that. When I heard that it was follicular adenoma, I thought to myself "Thank God!". Follicular adenoma is just a fancy way of saying benign cyst. Remember that in previous studies, almost 90% of thyroid cysts are benign. My voice is alright too. No hoarseness now. But still needs some healing before I'm able to sing again or yell. I don't wanna rush on my recovery.

I am trying some self-massages on my neck whenever I'm on the sofa or on the bed watching TV. I avoid looking up suddenly bec. of the skin-stretching & muscle-pulling sensation I feel inside my neck. I'm scared that something might break inside. I mean, it's just me. My doctor never told me something might break inside but I'm just being cautious & I don't wanna overdo on physical activities. Maybe after a month & the scar has healed then I will try more stretching on my neck. There is also some bits of shoulder pains til now. And some pain on my jawline when I look up, my mouth is opening by itself. Maybe some hot compress will do the trick & ease these other symptoms. I've yet to try it though. For the past few days, I felt like there was a hard cottonball inside my neck where the right lobe used to be. I'm still numb on the area. But I'm taking it slow and I'm grateful the cyst is gone. I can now go back to eating and breathing without all the old problems that I feel. I will soon post new pix of my scar 7 days post-thyroid lobectomy.

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